Note, this trip was done 7 years back. It's just a recall of what where i went for my own readings in future. Pictures can tell a thousand tale ya, but i'm only 30 now and i've already forgot bits and pieces of the places and things done. 😅

I visited, toured ;) Paris during Ramadhan. Yes, we went on trips during the fasting month. because there was like owh so much time we had during our one year abroad. Not.😏
So we had to utilize whatever little time we had. Most of our batchmate decided to go to Italy at that time but the three of us, me Yana and Ju decided ...nah, we'll go to Paris instead. Yippie.
We book tickets through Ryanair....'your one and only low cost carrier'. tararet taret...haha. The price of the ticket was dirt cheap. Costing us not more then 10 pounds at that time. Which roughly equals to rm60-rm70. I don't know if they still exist, i guess they still do. But i have to say this, their price is unbelievable cheap, especially when they have a 5pence promotion. 5pence!!

Okay back to the trip.
 We went there for four days. On the first day, our flight arrive at Paris Beavauis (did i spell that right) at dawn. We were fasting and all we ate for breaking fast was 2 twiggies in a tunnel heading to a metro station. So much for our planningkan. Kihkihkih, Owh yes, from the airport there are busses that go into the city, Paris BV is on the outskirt of the city so you have to take a bus or a cab.

Our hotel, the Bervic Montmartre was in the 18th 'arrondissement' meaning district and near a metro station, Barbes-Rochechouart. Paris metro line like any other major city has several different lines but once you familiarize yourself with it, it's easy.
This area, the 18th arr. has quite a population of muslims, so we chose that area thinking it would be easy getting food 😀. So when we reach our hotel and checked in, we jalan2 pusing2 the area looking for food to break fast. Haha.. All food shops were close. They went  for tarawikh kot..the only one that was open was a fast food joint (forgot the name) and a turkish joint. So we entered the turkish shop looking around for ANYTHING to buy and eat. But all that was left were sweets/desserts. 😅 
I think the shopowners wife realise we were hungry... she kindly gave us some pastry like food. Heheeh. Sekbaik, if not tido with empty stomachla. 

To be continued....
This Awal muharram. I'm promising myself
- i'll pray earlier
- do dhuha
- do more than 2 rakaat dhuha
- wake up  earlier than i usually do
- stop impulse buying
- read more
- write more
- start swimming again

I promise thee

Im going to write about all the places i've been to during uni years.
London x2
Italy [venice, pisa, florence, rome]
Spain [cordoba, seville, granada, barcelona, marbela]

So that when im old and forgetful i can reread this blog of mine & remember
That's if they're still in my mind 😆
Another one into the bucketlist!

Volcanic sand meets the atlantic ocean!
Looks so dark and yet inviting.
Must go.

Read somewhere write a journal so that when i'm old, there 's something to remind me of my past 😆
Exactly why i started a blog all those years ago. But having the perseverence to write is owh so not me. Haha going to make myself a- you can call it promise..
Try to write at least once a week. Okay dayah? 
Last friday lunch break,  as any friday grand nefro round, ended close to 1pm. I hurriedly collected my bag from my office and headed to my car....excitedly planning like what all ladies do during a 2hour lunch break (shopping, eating, tido...wateva la.haha)
Walking down the stairs, upon reaching the ground floor...i saw an old lady all alone (grannie to be exact) finish talking to a staff and heard her say 
'Xpolah...cubo tanyo adik ni ha pulak'
Translation-->{it's ok...i'll try asking this yound lady here}
Me dlm hati...alamak, apehal lak nek ni.
Grannie: nak...somi wan masuk wad ni nak. Dia buat HD kat mawar.malam tadi dia masuk hosp ni  ha. 
Me: dia ape nek
Grannie: Azfar bin ****
Me: oww...nek tau tak wad mane?
Grannie: rasonye 3B...somi wan ckp dia nk poi HD dah...wan xtau nk poi mano ni.
There was another staff nearby...she asked the same which the staff said the same thing ...err, ermmmm.
Me dlm hati...i know where the HD site is leh jek kasi direction but x bwk wan ni kang confirm xtau lak suami dia katne ni, kat wad lagi or dh g HD. The other staff went on her way.
Me: mehla wan saya bawakkan.
Wan: ye nak..
Me: jap saya call 3B jap, tgk tok ade tak.
 So i called the ward...and enquired wether tok was still in or already went to HD....the staff nurse informed he was already at the dialysis centre
Me: ok wan, jom...tok kat pusat HD
Wan: yo ke..ok jom2. 
So we walk over to the centre which was at the far back area of the hospital...ceruk hujung.
Me: sape anta wan hosp?
Wan: wan drive sendiri

I was like...biar betul wan ni. Nampak dah veryy old, jln pun slow  ( i had to walk small steps to match her pace....senang lupe akan kudrat org2 berumur ni) 
Me: wan drive sendiri??! Umur wan brape?
Wan: wan dah 75 dah...wan slalu drive....kalau nak anta tok g dialysis 3x seminggu..wan la anta
Dia gelak gelak sikit ....
Me: wan nampak lagi ke? 
Wan: nampak2....alhamdulillah nampak lagi. Cume direction je lah wan xtau sgt. Senang sesat.. wan speaking.heheh

Me: ape rahsia wan eh? 
Wan: ni ha...mase pantang tu...pantang betul2.
Me: owww. Ade brape anak wan?
Wan: ade four ....heheh

So we reach the dialysis centre....and mmgla, org nak lunch kot x betul diberinya. This tok-wan's husband rupenye still at his ward 😂
Ape jadilah kalau i just sent her on her own tadi after kasi direction.
So dh tau tu ...we went up to the ward.on the way....

Wan: nak ni org mane?
Me: saya org sini jek... Dok rasah.
Wan: oww, wan dok kat pj perdana. Kat paroi sane tu (i've never heard of somban pun xtau.heeee)
Wan: nak makan ikan sembilang tak?
Me: makan jugaklah...dia mcm ikan keli gak kan.(haha...budak x kenal sembilang)
Wan: a'ah....rumah wan kat jelebu ado byk ikan sembilang 
Me: owh tadi wan ckp kat rumah wan kat paroi.
Wan: tok ko tu, mase buat dialysis ni dia x larat nak poi jauh2 jelebu tu. Wan dok lah sini kadang2.
Me: owww..

Wan: nak dah kahwin belum  (soklan wajib from strangers to me 😝)
Me: belum lagi wan...
Wan: (silence)
Wan: anak wan dr gak...dr haiwan, keje kat kelantan nu.
Me:owww, saya farmasi wan, bukan dr.
Wan: xkisahla...same je tu.

Nak naik lift ...there were 3 chinese ladies...hurriedly entering and speaking in chinese. This wan pun join in the conversation. 😜
Me: wan ckp cina gak?
Wan:sikit2, ei, san , sek....(ala satu dua tiga tu...x reti eja.haha)
Me: tererla wan...hhehe
Wan: biase2 saje nak..
Dh sampai kat ward...and she found her tok...after hugging him tightly...
Wan: ni ha...cik ni tolong bwkkan- she said to tok.
Wan: hajah wan hajah patimah. Carilah wan...kat jelebu, kat tmn pj perdana....hajah patimah. Byk ikan sembilang skang ni.
Me: ok wan....
Wan: cari wan eh nak....
Me: iA wan...
She hugged & kiss my cheeks. 
I waived them goodbye.

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