Our second day we spent time at the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. We initially wanted to do the blackwaterrafting but since it was winter and the water was going to be cold we decided we'd take a look at the other caves in the area. There's three major caves in the area: waitomo, aranui and ruakari. Entrance fee if you take all three caves is 85NZD. You can take a look at their website for more information and packages Waitomo glowworm

In the caves, you'll be guided by a guide and later go on a 30minute boat ride. I wish it was longer...i can't get enough of it. The quiteness and darkness of the experience is calming.

Waitomo means wai(water) and tomo (hole). So it means..water hole. The glowworms caves is amazing!Unfortunately no photography can be done in the cave due to it may disturb the worms and their glows. but seriously...it's like stars in a cave. You've seen it right, those pictures with the blue dots on top. Yep...Gorgeous! These worms are unique to NZ and not found in anywhere else.

I do however have this picture of the worms thread. This was taken in the ruakari cave...where it's more photo friendly. the glowworms are beautiful but they're actually quite sinister beneath those pearl like beauty. those threads that you see, are actually to trap insects for the worms. Yup....they're carnivorous worms. yikess.

The caves in waitomo area are from limestone. Apparently according to the guide, all of that area was once beneath ocean allowing the limestone formation...i think that's what they said. haha. 

Everyone knows Airasia opened a new route earlier this year.None other than to The land of the long white clouds! yippie!!
So when the sale for the route opened i woke up at 5am .... and kept trying to buy the tickets. Tried 2-3 times and luckily manage to get hold of 4 tickets. =]

So our flight was at 11.50pm last 11th august, transited at gold coast for 75 minutes (funny weh, angkat bag turun airplane jalan masuk scanner then go back up the plane. haha) We arrived at auckland international around 5pm. If you/re wondering ....no you do not need a visa when transiting on gold coast unless you go out from the building,

Auckland really has strict policies on outside products/foods/equipments being brought in. I mean really strict. I admire them for that. For protecting their culture, products and environment. So at the conveyor belt while waiting for our bags, came along 2-3 dogs sniffing the passengers bag. Yup...strict. It came up to my bag and sniff...and went away. Thank god. I had like a dozen pre-pack rice in my bag. haha.

Before you can pass through the immigration, you have to declare the goods that you bring in. NZ doesn't allow home-made food, meats, diary products to be brought in, If you do have, better declare first and they'll see whether it's okay or not. So i declared mine, and after being scrutinized for a couple of minutes,the foods....they passed me. So i asked what type of food that wasn't okay. According to the lady officer, food like home made ones, ones that didn't have ingredient and waren't commercially packed...they will take.

Then my friends went on to handle our rental car which we book from Go Rental. We took an auto toyota sedan with full insurance (no need to worry about the car getting scratch what not). Search for a prepaid simcard with data....there's a couple of telco in the airport but i chose Spark offering 1.5gb data for 29NZD, Yup ..data in NZ is expensive but i had to buy one incase we got lost or something came up.

The GoRental company picked us up from the airport and shuttled us their office. We were briefed about the car and rules of driving in NZ, paid the remaining balance and off we went. It was already around 7pm by then and since it was winter, it was dark. But before we headed to my cousins house for the night..we had to stock up on some groceries for our 11 days there. So we search for the nearest PaknSave. Really ...this mart is the cheapest compared to the others. And actually if you're driving around auckland, you will encounter paknsave almost about everywhere as we soon found out later.

Note, this trip was done 7 years back. It's just a recall of what where i went for my own readings in future. Pictures can tell a thousand tale ya, but i'm only 30 now and i've already forgot bits and pieces of the places and things done. 😅

I visited, toured ;) Paris during Ramadhan. Yes, we went on trips during the fasting month. because there was like owh so much time we had during our one year abroad. Not.😏
So we had to utilize whatever little time we had. Most of our batchmate decided to go to Italy at that time but the three of us, me Yana and Ju decided ...nah, we'll go to Paris instead. Yippie.
We book tickets through Ryanair....'your one and only low cost carrier'. tararet taret...haha. The price of the ticket was dirt cheap. Costing us not more then 10 pounds at that time. Which roughly equals to rm60-rm70. I don't know if they still exist, i guess they still do. But i have to say this, their price is unbelievable cheap, especially when they have a 5pence promotion. 5pence!!

Okay back to the trip.
 We went there for four days. On the first day, our flight arrive at Paris Beavauis (did i spell that right) at dawn. We were fasting and all we ate for breaking fast was 2 twiggies in a tunnel heading to a metro station. So much for our planningkan. Kihkihkih, Owh yes, from the airport there are busses that go into the city, Paris BV is on the outskirt of the city so you have to take a bus or a cab.

Our hotel, the Bervic Montmartre was in the 18th 'arrondissement' meaning district and near a metro station, Barbes-Rochechouart. Paris metro line like any other major city has several different lines but once you familiarize yourself with it, it's easy.
This area, the 18th arr. has quite a population of muslims, so we chose that area thinking it would be easy getting food 😀. So when we reach our hotel and checked in, we jalan2 pusing2 the area looking for food to break fast. Haha.. All food shops were close. They went  for tarawikh kot..the only one that was open was a fast food joint (forgot the name) and a turkish joint. So we entered the turkish shop looking around for ANYTHING to buy and eat. But all that was left were sweets/desserts. 😅 
I think the shopowners wife realise we were hungry... she kindly gave us some pastry like food. Heheeh. Sekbaik, if not tido with empty stomachla. 

To be continued....
This Awal muharram. I'm promising myself
- i'll pray earlier
- do dhuha
- do more than 2 rakaat dhuha
- wake up  earlier than i usually do
- stop impulse buying
- read more
- write more
- start swimming again

I promise thee

Im going to write about all the places i've been to during uni years.
London x2
Italy [venice, pisa, florence, rome]
Spain [cordoba, seville, granada, barcelona, marbela]

So that when im old and forgetful i can reread this blog of mine & remember
That's if they're still in my mind 😆
Another one into the bucketlist!

Volcanic sand meets the atlantic ocean!
Looks so dark and yet inviting.
Must go.

Read somewhere ...to write a journal so that when i'm old, there 's something to remind me of my past 😆
Exactly why i started a blog all those years ago. But having the perseverence to write is owh so not me. Haha

So..am going to make myself a- you can call it promise..
Try to write at least once a week. Okay dayah? 
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