5th day: byebye plane! Hallo Sydney.


So it was time to say goodbye to GC today, and i had it all planned out as to when to wake up and leave for the airport and we would have breakfast at the airport. But i dont know what i was thinking that morning since we decided to have breakfast at a chocolate cafe in SP ( which i know was going to make us late) . The breakfast was delicious! I had spicy waffles and it was again i say...DELICIOUS!.

But we took our own sweet time and when we were finish it was already 11am. Our flight was at 12noon. Only then did i realise we were late! So i suggested to yana that we'd have to take a cab to the airport since we were not going to make it in time. But she said we would and we shouldn't waste money on taxi fares and that we should wait for the bus to the aiport. It was already 11.30am and there were no buses to be seen. It did came 15 minutes later and by then i knew we would have missed the flight when we reached the airport. The bus should have took around 30 minutes but the driver drove VERY slow and it took about 45 minutes, so we reached coolangatta airport at 12.30noon. The plane had already took off!
When we reached the airport yana took a look at the boarding pass and only then realise that the time she tought was our departure time was actually the arrival time at sydney which was 1pm! Which explains why she was so cool about the whole timing. She started to cry but what had happened had happened. We ask the counter if we could get on the next available flight, but those sympathetic gestures i think happens only in movies! We had to book another flight and it was around 100dollars=rm300!. Suffice to say i was deadbroke when im back in malaysia.
We got on the plane jetair and safely arrived at sydney international airport at around 4pm.

In sydney airport, we took the airport train to Sydney city centre and directly to Kings Cross station.

 This time in Sydney, we didn't buy any prepaid card since we hardly used the public transport at all, instead we walked....a lot!. Plus the attractions in Sydney centre were within walking distance and there's a free tourist bus too! More on that later.

Total of 5km!

Free sydney walking tour. 4km! www.peektours.com.au

 Our hostel, Chili Backpackers was in the Kings Cross area. Chili Backpackers, i'd give it a 6/10 5/10 in the hostel score. It provides basic breakfast [eggs,toast, coffea], but rents out it's cutleries at $20, and you only get the deposit through your debit card!. The staff overbooked it's dorm room which we were suppose to stay in and so when we arrived there was no dorm available. They decided to give us three person room to make up for the mistake (YAY!). A private room at the price of a dormitory!
                                                        Our room was IronMan!

But our joy was short lived....we had a roommate.Haha. 

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