Kings Cross Sydney


A little bit about the first night in Sydney, after we got to our room, we decided to look around the area ...see if there were any shops we could get some food. As always, me and my sense of directions, we went the total opposite way. We headed down Victoria street downdowndown and came to these steps. Thank god we didn't go down the steps.Haha.
 Had our first view of the Sydney Bridge! albeit far away.


As you can see from the map, down Victoria Street, there were no shops there. Made a u-turn at Chalis Ave and up towards Macleay street and finally....we found dozens of restaurants! It was actually the centre of that part of Kings cross (It's famous as the red light district of Sydney!). We did not research up about Kings cross area and the red light district only became apparent when we saw countless bars and adult shops along the streets, bikers wheeling in and strippers(i guess) and bouncers hanging out and about the streets. It was still around 8-9pm (already dark) and there were quite a lot of tourist walking around the area so it was quite safe, but not too sure about what happens after midnight. Haha.

  The famous flashing Coca Cola neon sign

                                                                El Alamien Fountain 

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