The free walking tour courtesy of Peaktour. Total of 4km!

Yup, that's right 4km! Them alone....So get your walking shoes ready and a bottle of water. Basically Peaktour is the same like any other free walking tour in any other tourist city, it's free, you just give the local guide a tip at the end of the tour base on how much YOU think it's worth. I think there's a dozen more other tour groups that operate this way in Sydney but we chose this one since.....it's the one on the hostel pamphlet. Haha. It has 2 sessions per day, one at 8am and the other at 2pm. It walks you through the Rocks(the old part of Sydney), into the city, pass some attractions, stops for photos at famous landmarks, gives some useful tips like where to get the cheapest food and cheapest bar. Talk a bit about history of Australia and how it was form from convicts to a nation. How they are really into drinking. And at the end we had group photo with the Bridge and Opera House at the back. This was taken inside the Botanical Gardens. I think it's the most perfect place to take a photo of the two landmarks (if you don't have a wide angle cam) other than 1) Taking a boat to Manly Island (where they say gives stunning photos of the two if you have time! especially at sunset) or   2) Aeriel view. Haha.

                                                                Drooled over this!

Part of the Rocks

So we finish the tour at about 1pm and went scouring for food in the big city (had to find Halal food but found none so we just ate fish fillet). Stuffed, we headed to Paddy market and went strolling in there until it was dark- only to realise that the market was actually on the ground floor! And it was already about to close when we realised it *smacks head*.
Feeling like total fools, we headed back to our hostel walking....going through Oxford street and Darlinghurst road. My feet were crying i think that night.   

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